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Nutrition is Key

Nutrition is Key

Hello travelers!

I wanted to share something on a topic I am very passionate about. Nutrition. Wholesome and conscious nutrition can make a huge difference in our health, our well-being, and our lives and it is important to get it right.

First and foremost, I support a plant-based diet, for several reasons. 1) It is better for your health 2) It is more compassionate to animals 3) It is more sustainable for our planet.

Eating a rich and diverse plant-based diet can improve our health in tremendous ways and even if you are not fully plant-based, everyone can benefit from more plant foods in their daily diet. Another question I am often asked is related to supplements. I think it is important that people know supplements are a poorly regulated industry and it is crucial to find high quality brands you can trust. 

With all that said, I wanted to share one of my favorite brands: myPEAK They are not only sustainable (100% carbon-neutral shipping and fully vegan), but they also provide a meal to a child in need for every bottle sold. On top of that, their products are top notch: lab-tested, made in the USA, and formulated by physicians. It is owned and operated by my close personal friends who share my passion for wellness & justice. 

Two of my absolute favorite products are Brilliance and Radiance. myPEAK Brilliance is a caffeine alternative with a clinically researched compound called Theacrine that works just like caffeine but lasts much longer and without the jitters, crash, and anxiety. It has been a big boost during medical school as it gives me the energy boost I need without the negative side-effects of caffeine. 

The other is myPEAK Radiance. It’s a fully vegan collagen builder and I have noticed amazing results with my skin and overall energy since including it into my daily routine. And even better, it’s a delicious gummy! I have trouble remembering to take anything every day but the gummy makes it easy and it has awesome evidence-based ingredients and dosing that I can get behind.

Keep in mind that healthy habits & consuming healthy foods is the ultimate path to wellness. Sometimes though, our busy lives can make us feel like there's gaps in our intake or we are seeking something to give you that extra boost. This is a brand I truly trust & recommend for all your supplement needs, whatever they may be.

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